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Coffee with a healthy ego

We are your companions in creating special moments. We also value organicity, genuinity and sustainability.
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What makes OA Coffee Roastery different, and why consume our beans? But why not. Who knows, maybe you will like it. There are many good roasteries, and all of them have something to say and recommend. We will not tell you how and what kind of coffee you need to drink. You can also drink tea, and we won’t mind! But give us a chance!

Coffee stories

About coffee – straight and honestly. Including what is not usually talked about!

OA story

Find out what Taniel was thinking and why our slogan is “Coffee that creates the moment.”

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What is it? Aren’t there enough coffee shops already….?

We opened the first OA Coffeeshop in the spring of 2021 (don’t tell this to anyone, but we are actually going to open more of them). OA Coffeeshop is a new concept that combines a shop and a café, and everyone can find something here for themselves or just have a good time.

"Working as a chef, coffee is very important to me, and just like with food, I always expect the maximum taste experience from coffee. There are so many exciting nuances in coffee that are well represented in OA coffees: smell, taste, and story. Thanks for doing this from your heart! My day is much more positive with a cup of OA."

– Joel Ostrat

"I have been drinking OA coffee for almost a year now. I like the way their espresso accentuates its subtleties. And best of all—this Fairtrade coffee gets its roasted color from right here in Estonia!"

Oskar Joonatan Lemmik

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