Our story

As everything is born of something, OA was born out of a burning desire to do something simple and enjoyable while enjoying the process!

By 2018, Taniel had been making coffee for six years. He had roasted a lot of coffee, but something was missing. One day (probably in the early morning), he came up with an idea – to make a simple coffee for Estonians, and the right name – OA -came to his mind as if by magic. And soon, the first OA numeric coffee series was born – OA1, OA2, and OA3 (light, medium, and dark roast). Time passed, and OA became more and more popular. In 2020, Taniel and his team wondered why OA coffee could not please the tastes of consumers around the world. The work in this direction started and does not seem to be ending any time soon!

We are really driven by a sense of mission, and we want to show that the purpose of coffee is not to wake up and get caffeine in the body (or sometimes it actually is) but rather to create emotion. Nor do we say that our coffee is the best in the world (absoluteness does not exist, everything is relative, and it is a matter of taste), and we do not get offended even if you drink tea once in a while!

However, we do say that we are your faithful companion to create a pleasant moment – be it in your own company or with others! Give us a chance!

P.S. If you read the text to the end, you got an answer about our slogan!

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"Kokana töötades on mulle kohv väga olulisel kohal ja nii nagu ka toidust ootan ma kohvist alati maksimaalset maitseelamust. Kohvis on nii palju põnevaid nüansse: lõhna, maitse ja storyna, seda on hulganiselt ka OA kohvis. Tänud, et seda asja südamega teete, minu päev on peale OA kohvi tassi palju positiivsem."

– Joel Ostrat

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