Your new summer favourite – cooling iced coffee!

by | Jun 28, 2021

What else to make your mood better in warm weather than a cooling iced coffee! Yes, it could become your new summer favourite! But how to brew it yourself?


Here’s a nice iced coffee recipe that’s easy to make at home!


JääkohvIced coffee (1 cup)

      • 1 part strong espresso (for example a small espresso cup size, we recommend OA Guatemala beans, but all other are suitable also)
      • 2 parts whole fat milk or plant milk
      • Ice cubes (crushed ice melts too fast)
      • condensed milk or sugar if desired

Preparation of iced coffee:

      • Brew a good strong espresso
      • If you like sweet coffee, dissolve sugar or condensed milk in coffee
      • Fill 2/3 of a strong drinking glass of coffee mug with ice cubes
      • Whisk the milk with a foamer or by pumping it vigorously in a small French press jug
      • Notice that the fatter the milk, the easier it foams
      • Pour hot coffee onto the ice cubes
      • Pour in the whipped milk
      • Enjoy the cooling iced coffee!

      Have a nice cool iced coffee and I hope you found a new summer favourite!

      Recipe: Liina Karron

      If you didn’t get the urge to make it yourself, then grab an iced coffee from our café at Müürivahe 36!

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