What is good coffee?

by | Mar 2, 2022

We are often asked what “good coffee” or “best coffee” is?
Let’s be honest, all coffee drinker’s taste preferences are different and it’s difficult to give an objective answer. Consequently, we asked Taniel, the founder and coffee expert of OA Coffee, the same question.

Below you can read what is “good coffee” for Taniel.

I thought about it and concluded that I could not answer this question unequivocally. For me, it totally depends on my mood.

Sometimes I want to enjoy a creamy cappuccino, where the taste of coffee blends nicely with whipped milk. Sometimes (most of the time) I enjoy espresso, which penetrates all my taste cells with its courage and abundance, and the flavours will remain there for a while. In the home environment, the French press jug is an indispensable friend – 1/14 ratio (one part coffee and fourteen parts of water, 4 minutes brewing and flavours open. But I’m sure about one thing – I don’t drink a lot of latte. I don’t mind people who drink latte, but personally I like coffee or coffee with milk, and latte is more like milk with coffee.

Now I rushed to the coffee drinks, but there are more components here. Coffee beans – where they come from and how they are grown. Also roasting, which can do miracles or turn everything into a mess. In other words, there is a long and varied story hidden in a cup of coffee and the contribution of different people to getting this black and steaming liquid in front of your nose. The Fairtrade organization, to which OA Coffee has also joined, can talk more about this (not advertising here at all). However, I believe in their principles and I respect the greater mission that this organization stands for.

Altogether, a good coffee for me is something that, on one hand, offers emotion on a personal level and makes me enjoy the moment, on the other hand, it completely depends on my current mood, location, whether I’m alone or not and so on. Good coffee for me also means that every link that has been involved in you being able to drink this coffee today is satisfied and valued. Starting with the coffee farmer and ending with you / me drinking it (there may be different sizes of green coffee dealers, roasters, shops and cafeterias / baristas in between).

With that, I sum up the nature of “good coffee” for me.

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